Wedding Party

Ms. Linda Gowen

Maid of Honor

There's no one on the planet that deserves the title of "Maid of Honor" more then my mom. In addition to being my mother, she's been my best friend, confidante, teacher, role model and support.

Mr. Michael Gowen

Father of the Bride

My dad is my world. I can't wait for him to walk me down the aisle and I doubt there will be a dry eye during our "father-daughter dance." I might be getting married but I'll always be Daddy's little girl.

Ms. Sandra Romagnuolo

Mother of the Groom

I got my good looks, kind heart and my New York attitude from my mom. She's the best and most beautiful woman on the planet other then my future wife!

Mr. Joseph Romagnuolo

Best Man

He's the strongest and most caring father in the world. His humor is second to none. I can't think of anyone better to be my best man.

Mrs. Lisa Sussman


Lisa is Genna's rock, support and example. A true friend in every sense of the word.

Mrs. Kristina Dygulski


Even though she moved away recently, Kristina remains one of Genna's best friends and biggest confidantes. They agreed to never be mushy with feelings and do whatever it takes to step over them, but the truth is that they have shared a special bond that is not broken by distance!

Mrs. Sherri Codelle


Sherri is one of the sweetest blessings in Genna's life. There is a mutual love, respect and admiration for one another that goes far beyond work.

Ms. Kimberly Romagnuolo


Kim is Joe's older sister. She is passionate, fun and incredibly loving and holds her family near and dear to her heart. She also has a wicked sense of fashion.

Mrs. Alexis Davidman


The youngest sibling on the groom's side. Witty, intelligent and a heart of gold. Joe has watched her blossom into the beautiful woman she is since day 1 and was blessed to walk her down the aisle at her own wedding.

Ms. Amanda Peers


Amanda is Genna's sister of over 20 years. Amanda and Genna grew up sisters and became friends over the years.

Mr. Joseph Pulaski

Best Man

Joe and Pulaski have been best of friends since nursery school. They grew up as brothers and continue to be brothers. Through thick and thin, they have always been there for one another and created an incredible amount of memories and stories in that time.

Mr. Mario Russo


Mario is a "family member" on both sides of the soon to be married couple. He calls us his "mom and dad" away from home.

Mr. Nick Braun


Nick and Joe have been great friends for the last 3 years. Joe knows it's a blessing to have Nick be a part of his groomsmen and in these short 3 years they have remained the best of friends, always there for each other as well as enjoying many laughs and the occasional "gar."

Mr. Nick Romagnuolo


Nick is Joe's cousin and somone Joe loves very much. In between Nick traveling back and forth from Spain, Joe and Nick enjoy fishing trips in the summer to catch up.

Mr. Matthew Davidman


Matt married Joe's younger sister in November 2017 but was a brother long before that.

Mr. Aaron Peers


Aaron has been Genna's brother for over 20 years. A brother she loves, admires and respects.

Boomer and Bandit

Unofficial Flower Dogs/Ring Bearers

Boomer and Bandit are the children in this relationship. We wish they could be a part of the ceremony but have had good laughs at the probability of Bandit barking during the "I do's" while Boomer swims in the pool behind us...after he has peed on every chair down the aisle.

Mr. Bill Niemi


There's nobody better suited for task of officiating our wedding then the person we feel was instrumental in our meeting one another. Bill is one of a kind and a man we both respect equally.
Jennifer Postorino