Genna and Joseph

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Our Story

Our story begins early in 2016. This is when Joe would say I blew him off (untrue). We met at a special place for us both and realized the very important friends we had in common. Our first date was November 8, 2016, the night Donald Trump became our next president. Not only was my father the happiest man on the planet that night, but I was happy as well. Joe was immediately loved by the only men in my life at that time...Boomer and Bandit, the Labrador retrievers. Boomer asserted his dominance immediately but very quickly, Joe was their new favorite person. Looking back over the last year and a half makes me smile. We fell in love and it has been a beautiful journey. Joe proposed on November 8, 2017, on our 1 year anniversary at a special place for us on the beach. Of course I said yes! Today, our family is full of love, happiness, laughter and a lot of dog hair. We can’t wait to be husband and wife!
Jennifer Postorino